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Lover of the mysterious – wants to write a book – thinks about it all the time – did a good job on the car – lost the chance to play – plans on a successful career – dreams about him all day – wishes she could do something – has it all figured out – thinks he could have done better – would like to save the stray dog – works very hard at school – talks to spirits at night – worries about the future – wonders what his friends are up to – has made plans to travel – wants you to get your act together – is really angry about the affair – sees how complicated it can be – stays very calm under pressure – remembers to bring the matches – likes to tell a good story – is very worried about the time – thinks the kids are a bunch of brats – wants a time for meditation – might not show up at all – she could rally great support – he could figure it out right now – he knew it wasn’t going to work – could have told you so yesterday – she wishes we would only listen – thinks we should set up a schedule – establishes far-reaching institutions – goes crazy after two days inside – one day he gets to do it his way – he’s always had a hard time with her – she will show the depth of her love – he will buy her flowers every day – wants to invent some new games – will co-ordinate a great new effort – she goes, but she doesn’t really get it – he wishes she would wizen up at last – she tries and tries but he can’t see – nobody ever does things they should be – she wonders what it would be like if – there are some simple things to know – she dreams about having children – he wants to make sure his wife is safe – she thinks they’re all talking about her – he might have blown it at his job – she could have come to the rescue – he contemplated leaving his wife – she dreamed of a second honeymoon – she had the most fun the other night – he wonders if they could do it again – she would like to get together with friends –
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at the park – at work – at home – at a party – playing golf – at school – in the hospital – on a trip – at the mall – at the meeting – at the restaurant – at the spa – in jail – at the hotel – in the white house – on a truck – at the market – on the street – on the web – at the movies – at church – in bed-