labyrinth totem

For the Labyrinth of Evolution
Commissioned by Elspeth Bobbs

Longtime Santa Fe resident, Elspeth Bobbs commissioned me in 2001 to create a Totem for a labyrinth she had laid out in her famous Santa Fe garden. Many people visit her garden each year and Elspeth was looking for a way to express her deep concerns for the environment, and particularly to show the relationship between ourselves and the state of the world. She wanted to do this and yet not entirely lose her wonderful sense of humor.

We thought that by incorporating mirrors into the piece we could represent our own involvement, the intricate and intimate connections we have with what has happened, and what will happen to this Earth. The mirrors could also represent the “I” of consciousness itself, the “I” recognizing itself.

And so evolved the idea of depicting four levels of emotional development, and how as we manifest the behaviors implicit in those levels, we impact directly on our environment. In the process of growing up we mold our surroundings- depleting, dividing, measuring, building, tearing down, altering, connecting, and, ultimately, hopefully, accepting, understanding, and finding a way to exist in harmony with each other, with all creatures, and with the land. —HR

Level One through Level Four

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