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Imagine all the wonderful possibilities! This is the guiding principle as I embark on each new creative venture. In 1995, when I started Quimera, after selling Sombraje, I promised myself that every piece of art or furniture that I made would be unique, one-of-a-kind. This has been the happiest, and most productive decision I’ve made in my (it now seems) long career in art and design.

In 2002 this ever-evolving adventure into creativity takes me into the land of architectural elements. For in wonderful synchronicity, while I am building a house/studio for myself, I have also been commissioned this past year, to create doors for built-in cabinets, or to replace existing doors. Also I’ve made carved and painted wood valences, and some exotic columns. The variations and motifs are numerous.

I have always enjoyed the opportunity to work in creative collaboration with my clients, producing the unique pieces that could only come about as a result of that particular synergy. In other words, if you are working on a project and think I might be able to create something wonderful for it, please call, or visit Quimera Gallery, or my website at www.quimeragallery.com. I will be delighted to meet with you and explore the possibilities.

Hillary Riggs


Portals —New Work by Hillary Riggs

In everyday life, in seemingly mundane experiences we all have, there are passageways to revelation, gateways into a new way of seeing the world. These imperceptible doors may be thrown open by a wave of tears, or by something as simple and profound as the passage of time or the touch of another‚s hand on yours. Santa Fe artist Hillary Riggs has been exploring many of the ways we experience subtle or dramatic shifts in perception as we move through life. Portals is a series of low relief wall sculptures incorporating exquisite natural woods, finely carved and painted images, and mixed media. Each Portal is a meditation, a reminder of the power of common events to shift our view of reality. In a manner similar to the function of retablos or other religious icons, these pieces provide a potent physical presence that can act as a stimulus for reflection, imagination, and the unfolding of deeper levels of understanding.

Also at Quimera is a selection of Riggs‚ one-of-a-kind furniture, carved and painted in the artist’s signature style with imaginative, colorful geometric and botanical motifs. Her work is a collaboration with woodworkers Steve Sovelove and Dan Stubbs, carver Carlos Rascon, and others.

Riggs grew up in Mexico City, the daughter of American artists who ran a weaving factory and surrounded themselves with other creative intellectuals. She studied art in San Miguel de Allende, with a year of intensive independent art history study in Europe.

In 1981 Riggs moved to northern New Mexico, where she established Sombraje, a highly successful and influential business creating furniture with twig accents. After selling Sombraje in 1995, the artist turned her attention to one-of-a-kind custom furniture and fine art.

In all her work can be seen the influence of Mexico‚s rich, soulful, vibrant culture, combined with Riggs‚ intense interest in such diverse subjects as science, myth, anthropology, cultural patterns, and art from around the world.

In recent years Riggs has become known for her work, The Mind at Large, six large, elegant carved and painted wooden totems. The totems, which represent sources of power for the human tribe, are a celebration of the cumulative explorations, inventions, wisdom, and creative energy which is the legacy of our collective experience.

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