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One-of-a-kind pieces are available from the Quimera Gallery collection.
Please check with the gallery at 505-955-0998 if you are interested in purchasing a piece.

Custom orders are welcome. Riggs enjoys working directly with clients to produce unique pieces, incorporating theme and dimension requirements.

Examples of prices:
• Tall Butterfly cabinet- $6,800.00
• Hollyhock armoire- $10,000
• Cabinets, credenzas, armoires, treasure cabinets, etc.: pieces may range between $4,800-$30,000 depending on size and complexity
• Beds and headboards range between $5,200-$18,000
• Folding Screens start at $4,800
• Mirrors start at $1,500

Architectural Elements
All architectural elements (doors, cabinet fronts, valences, columns) are made to order.
Prices, based on the size, and complexity of the design, will be quoted upon request.

Each portal is $5,600
Signed quality prints, 17"x22", are available for $95.00

Signed prints, 17"x30", each showing two Totems, are available for $95.00
Commissions are welcomed (see the “Labryrinth” Totem). Prices would start at $25,000.

Totems as pictured are in the $30-35,000 range

Creating Totems The inspiration for the six original Totems in the “Mind at Large” series came to me in a flash one morning while attending a lecture. Leonard Schlain, who had written a book entitled “Venus and the Alphabet,” gave the talk. He was speaking of a time far back in the pre-history of mankind when, he said, according to archaeological evidence, our skulls had grown too large to be normally birthed. Many deaths of women and babies in childbirth tell the story. Interestingly, right around that same time, we see an enormous flowering of culture: pottery, pictographs, etc.
On hearing this I had an insight that, my goodness, that then was the very beginning of the “virtual” mind: that from that point our brains literally began to grow themselves through the artifact of culture. I later found out that in fact these “artifacts,” as I call them, are referred to as cultural “meems,” just as we have genes. I began to think of this as “The Mind at Large”.

Totems, in all cultures represent those creatures or events, which are the sources of power for the individual or the tribe. And so I created the six Totems, representing the evolution of consciousness through all aspects of culture, through our relationship to Gaia, to the World Tribe, and to our innermost selves. To me these relationships represent the greatest gift, the greatest source of power.

So when I embark upon the creative journey of making a Totem for someone, what I want to know is: what are those experiences, those places and creatures, and those relationships that have the most meaning, that have brought joy and excitement, in other words, more “power” to your life? Or, as in Elspeth’s case, what is of most concern, of most interest to you?

And there we can begin. It begins with you, and I take it from there.

Paintings and Pastels
“Swimmers”—originals are $2,800 each
Signed prints are available for $95.00 each
Price List


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